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Star Wars Blu Ray Controversy

The Star Wars series came out in early September for the first time on Blu Ray.  The cult following of fanatics who bought the pack in stores, found an inexplicable flaw in the Return of the Jedi.  In the scene when Emperor Palpatine kills Luke Skywalker, an added elongated “nooooo” was said by Darth Vadar and apparently noticed by some and word quickly spread.
The debate over the one line leads all heads to turn towards Director George Lucas, the visionary behind the series. Many believe he used his cinematic power too manipulate the scene.  “If he wants to make additions, it’s his movie just go ahead and not watch it”, Mr.Conforti said. The funny part is that you might be asking yourself how could one “no” bring upon such controversy? Well the argument simply separated into two different groups.  One group saying that a simple “no” is not worth going crazy over, one little line should not change your perception of series.  The other group would beg to differ; they would say that the addition of the word could easily form a chain reaction of more changes.  “I can see if you’re a purist, that the changes could be disturbing”, Mrs. Gross said.
The Star Wars Blu Ray pack hit stores September 16.  Although it sold in immaculate fashion, there are Star Wars fans that look at this situation and even though Blu Ray is the latest home theater technology, there is nothing like the original.
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