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The Blonde Epidemic


You might be walking in the halls of Hills West and notice the recent trend amongst a dozen or more students. “The Blonde Experiment” is the name of this phenomenon coined by Varsity Wrestling Captain, Tyler Grimaldi. Students from all grades who have participated in this years’ wrestling season have made a pact to physically dye their hair a bright ‘blonde’, or as many have come to seen it as ‘blinding gold’. This marks the first time in Hills West History that a select number of people have dyed their hair all the same color. Joe Piccolo, now commonly mistaken for Eminem, was one of the first people to dye his hair blonde. Asked about why he had dyed his hair, he simply put it: “We don’t know. There’s no hidden motive behind this idea, we all just did it for fun.” Tyler Grimaldi then added, “I came up with the idea with Chris [Reilly] and we decided we could maybe be more intimidating if our whole team was with blonde hair.” “…us varsity wrestlers have a secret as to why we did this, but that information is confidential at this moment.” Grimaldi later added, “I’m only kidding…there is really no secret to why we did this, we just wanted to stand out amongst others.”

That’s how the cookie crumbles, Hills West. Varsity players also stated that they will not dye their hair back to their original color until the season has ended, with even a couple players decided to keep the “Blonde Experiment” intact. I certainly don’t get it, and others may not understand it, but if dying one’s hair ‘gold’ is keeping a team winning most of its matches, nobody can argue with that.