June 19, 2024

The nominations for the 2024 Golden Globe Awards were announced on December 11th. Beyond the major news about Barbie and Succession leading in film and TV categories, there’s more to explore about this year, marking a new period for the unique awards show.

Firstly, the Golden Globes announced two new categories: best performance in stand-up comedy on television, and cinematic and box office achievement. In order to qualify for the cinematic and box office achievement, contenders had to make $150 million globally, $100 million of it being from the U.S. Barbie and Oppenheimer were up against not only Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, but two animated films: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Unsurprisingly, Barbie was the winner.

Furthermore, it seems that musicals were out of luck this year. Historically, the Golden Globes has excelled in showing love to musicals, but films such as The Color Purple and Wonka seemed to be ignored. The comedy Poor Things stole the thunder, winning the Musical or Comedy Motion Picture award with Emma Stone winning the Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture award.

Additionally, the 2024 TV nominations didn’t seem to surprise anyone. Succession’s final season stuck out as it did with the Emmy Awards. The comedy category largely mirrored the recent Emmy nominations, while the drama category had more diversity. Included in the mix was Netflix’s The Diplomat. Additionally, the third season of The Morning Show, which didn’t qualify for the recent Emmys, was among the contenders. Succession ended up winning 3 awards, including the Drama TV Series award.

Overall, these results reveal much about the Golden Globes’ opinions on American film and television.