February 24, 2024

Trump wins Iowa Caucuses and Ramaswamy Drops Out 

Trump addresses his supporters at the Iowa Caucuses

The past week has proved itself to be quite the show for the Republican Party. The Iowa Caucuses is an electoral event held in Iowa, where voters of the same political party gather to vote upon who they want to represent their party. The Iowa Caucuses mark the beginning of the U.S. presidential primary season and are said to be a major indicator of who is to win the presidency. In years past the Iowa Caucuses have predicted the wins of presidents such as Barack Obama, and George H. Bush. Many candidates who perform poorly in the Iowa Caucuses go on to drop out, and this year was no exception.

Former President Donald Trump won the Iowa Caucuses with 51% of the vote. A truly astonishing number for the Caucuses. Lagging behind is Ron DeSantis with 21.2% and Nikki Haley with 19.1%. Vivek Ramaswamy, a business entrepreneur only secured about 7.7% of votes, and just as the Caucuses have predicted many times, Ramaswamy dropped out of the presidential campaign. Ramaswamy’s splash in the GOP pool was short-lived as he announced at the caucuses that he would be dropping his presidential campaign and fully endorsing Trump.

Ramaswamy admitted to his strategy of sticking to Trump and hoping that his indictments would disqualify him from running, which would therefore leave Trump’s supporters with the next logical choice, Ramaswamy. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out so well for him, as Trump declared that no charges would stop him from running for the presidency. Governor Asa Hutchinson has also dropped out from the presidential campaign.

So far, it seems as if Trump is plowing through any possible competition, but it seems as if his competitors aren’t very happy. So far there have been four Republican primary debates, but the fifth one which was set to take place on Thursday the 18th, has been cancelled. Nikki Haley has stated that she won’t attend the debate if Donald Trump won’t be there, leaving Ron DeSantis as the only candidate up. Haley stated that former President Trump had avoided attending debates for too long, as the former President has not attended a single Republican debate, but still has a majority of Republican voters. Haley went as far as to say that the next time she would see a debate stage was unless Trump or President Biden was on it.

As things are tensing up for the Republican party, the question remains, who will be the Republican presidential candidate?