June 19, 2024

A compromise was proposed by a group of bipartisan Senators. Republicans in Congress have long been arguing for stricter border control to be instituted alongside Ukranian and Israeli aid. This $118.3 billion agreement would comply with their demands perfectly, yet many still rejected it for being too ‘weak.’

The border deal was released under the guise of an emergency national security measure. It would crack down on immigration coming in from the Mexican border, and would also provide billions of dollars of aid to Ukraine in their war with Russia and to Israel. It should seem like a win-win for Republicans who have been eyeing this type of resolution for months, however, they continue to haggle for stricter regulations. Senate leaders from the Republican and Democratic parties believe that this deal is the best compromise possible concerning the neverending debate over immigration.  The main critiques of the deal are on how to limit the number of migrants, and what to do with migrants already here working without a visa. Republican Steve Daines, Senator of Montana was a part of the deal’s opposition because he “can’t support a bill that doesn’t secure the border, provides taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal immigrants, and gives billions to radical open borders groups.” However, wanting to satisfy all their demands is much too egregious to wish for and this deal would have been their best bet. 

Currently, the law states that illegal migrants from the border can apply for asylum, but this decision could reverse that and ruin the lives of the hundreds who come to the United States for safety. If the G.O.P.’s wishes are granted, it’ll have far-reaching and irreversible consequences.