June 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered how your childhood has impacted you? Our childhood experiences are the foundation of our ability to function in our young adult lives.

The activities you take on as a child shape the person you become. If a child learns to draw, they will be more creative as they age. If a child learns to exercise, they will be athletic. These hobbies can lead to career pursuits that utilize one’s creativity or ability to stay on their feet.

The order in which you were born also shapes the person you become. Typically, the first child tends to fulfill all of their parent’s expectations, while the middle child’s identity comes from within as they lack the attention the oldest child was given. Lastly, the youngest child tends to feel empathy for others. 

Your birth order is not the only way treatment by your parents can affect you, as improper treatment can also shape the person you become. Improper treatment may cause emotional wounds for others. These emotional wounds may cause; criticism, micromanaging, neglect/isolation, not feeling heard or dismissed, and not feeling appreciated. 

Although there are no positives to improper treatment, people treated improperly as a child can persevere through the brutalities by becoming the opposite of those who improperly treated them. 

As you can tell, your childhood positively and negatively impacts who you are.