June 19, 2024

If you wonder if AI is taking a huge role in your life, you will find that your answer is yes. AI is becoming increasingly knowledgeable about various subjects, serving as a study tool, a homework guide, a music generator, a medical researcher, a customer services representative, a calculator, and a writer. Due to AI’s increased power, I would not be surprised if AI replaced real people.

According to Pew Research, approximately half of the experts surveyed feel that robots and digital agents will displace many workers holding blue and white-collar jobs. Thus, creating significant income inequality and unemployment of hundreds of thousands. The other half of people feel that robotics will take jobs but, in turn, create better and more progressive jobs (Forbes). These better jobs will cause humans to get prepared more than other generations, prepping to go to school for a more extended period. 

As one can conclude, technology will replace real humans, but if humans work on developing their skills, they will not be jobless.