October 1, 2023

What do the students of High School West care about? 235 students filled out the survey, and the results were revealing. 

The majority of students consider their primary source of news social media, while a lesser percentage of the student body uses cable or online publications. 

However, that says little about the students, as 32.8 % rarely, if ever, even consume any form of news! 

The issue that is most cared about in 2023 is racial issues, including hate crimes and xenophobia, with 129 votes. The runner-up was crime and gun violence, with 124 votes. 

Crime in the city is worsening: in fact, there has been a 23.5% increase in overall felonies, according to NYPD. 

57 students believe the most pressing matter to be the overturning of Roe v Wade, which took away the choice and access to abortion for many Americans. 

On a completely different note, 43 students cared most about the current event of the Russo-Ukrainian War. The invasion of Russian forces into Ukraine began in February of 2022, and a bloody massacre continues to wreak havoc in this post-Soviet region. 

George Santos and his fabrication of lies as well as the immigration crisis at the border, both had 18 votes. 7 students have gone as far as to say they have no concerns about the world. 

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