February 24, 2024

How does technology isolate us?

What started out as web surfing for one teen descended into online obsession and isolation.

Ever since technology became a necessity we have used them daily however, things have changed as we start relying on them more and more. We don’t go anywhere without our devices as they work at our convenience. Although technology is beneficial it has also impacted our lives negatively. Being on our phones all the time means less time talking and spending time with friends and family, but even when you are with them do not touch your phone at all. When you’re with your friends and they are all on their phones in their own world are you really together? They might be talking to you and suddenly you receive a message don’t you read the text and sometimes reply while they’re still talking? Technology has isolated us from our friends, family, and the world. Instead, we live in a world of online liking and commenting on other people’s lives.

The pandemic has also played a big role in this. We wake up and stare at our computers for the first couple of hours in the day and then continue throughout the afternoon because we can’t go anywhere. We can’t see our friends and eventually after 2 years we’ve gotten used to being alone on our phones. An article from NCBI points out that internet usage has risen from 40 % to 100 %, compared to before. This shows just how often we are on the internet. In classrooms when people walk in no one talks to each other we sit there on our phones. During class, we have our phones next to us and our AirPods in so that we don’t miss a text or post and when we leave class we’re still holding onto our phones. In the hallway, people have their AirPods in even when they’re not listening to anything so that they can avoid talking to others.

Just because you’re with someone physically it doesn’t always mean your mind is there too. We’ve spent too long isolated from one another and although it’s not healthy we can’t help it. It’s part of our daily lives now and we can try to change, but it won’t be the same.

Technology has come a long way and in the end, it is very useful for our day-to-day tasks but it’s impacted our social lives both positively and negatively. We are able to post things for everyone to see and also have information in front of us within seconds, but it also draws us away from the world. So yes, we won’t stop using technology, but it’s good to unwind and relax with other people without our phones or other devices we use.