October 1, 2023

Glass Onion: Suspense and Laughter

Netflix’s new movie Glass Onion kicks off the 2023 movie season! It has left viewers walking away in stitches. It uses the classic “who done it” trope to bring laughter into the usual suspense-filled genre of its type.

The best character, by a landslide, has to go to Detective Benoit, played by Daniel Craig. His role in the story as the detective placed on a rich, private island to find the murderer creates a funny element that only works because of Daniel Craig’s performance.

The plot follows a tried and true murder mystery formula mixed with stellar comedy. The rising action in the story is accompanied by lengthy reveals of the character’s origins and their secrets, mysteries, and truths unraveling, much like the beginning invitation box at the story’s start.

Glass Onion has many topical jokes within its movie, to boot! Although starting production in June of 2021, many of these jokes still hit close to home, especially the brilliant detective Benoit not understanding the hit game: Among Us, a detail that is later exemplified in the plot itself and a hint of the proceeding events as well as a tip of the hat to re-watchers alike.

If you like comedy and mystery, this movie is for you. It is the epitome of a hybrid genre of Comedy, and some viewers hope it paves the way for more movies of a similar style. The Roundup can’t recommend “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” enough.