October 1, 2023

In the US, you legally come of age at 18; however, are you an adult at that age? Becoming an adult means you are responsible for your decisions without your parents, and most people turn 18 in their senior year or first year of college. However, just because you have legally become an adult does not mean you have the mindset or maturity of one.

Different countries have different legal ages; although most are 18, there are also places with legal ages as low as nine and as high as 21. 21 is a better legal age since you have lived longer, and maybe you are in college at 21, so you are more mature after experiencing a world other than your hometown.

At 18, you have been doing what your parents have told you to do all your life. Maybe you want to be independent as soon as you turn 18, but teenagers make dumb decisions like drinking before you legally can just because they become adults. That is just one thing, but the more significant thing about legal age is your ability to make decisions without your parent’s consent. This may seem exciting like you can do anything, but 18 is younger than you think. Imagine going to the doctor without your parents. Do you know what to do or say what you are having problems with? If you think you are responsible enough at that age, that is good, but it is always nice to ask your parents when making important decisions.

Sophomore Tchiny Celestine said, “I think you become an adult when you are 25 because that is when the prefrontal cortex of your brain is fully developed, and you can make rational decisions.”

So while 18 is the legal age to make your own decisions, you should still ask an adult about essential things, especially if you do not think you are making the right choice.