June 19, 2024

Is Martial Arts beneficial or violent? Parents and children ask this when debating if they want to learn self-defense, or just need an extracurricular. While Martial arts does have some cons, it benefits both your body and mind in numerous ways.

Martial arts is good for your mind by teaching you meditation, time management, and control. During meditation, it gives your mind a chance to relax and clear. It helps you concentrate on one topic and put your best into that. Time management is an essential skill in life as you grow up. You need it during college, your job, or even just everyday life. Depending on the dojo and on your belt, the senseis will give you free room to do your own combinations or your own workouts in a designated time. Another skill martial arts teaches you is how to control yourself in real-life situations. In the real world, you have to know when to pick your battles. Martial arts teaches you to control your emotions so they don’t escalate.

The lessons that the martial arts teach your body are very beneficial to you. By learning martial arts, you learn how to defend yourself. Instead of using these skills to inflict harm, senseis encourage you to use them in self-defense. During martial arts, you are working out and becoming healthy. You do numerous stretches and exercises to keep in shape.

To be a leader and use teamwork is a vital proponent in life, and martial arts gives you that. You learn the skills to be a leader and take charge. You and your classmates work together during exercises or combos.

Sophomore Divya Thiruveedhi agrees, “I think that martial arts is very good for a child because it teaches them hard work and patience. Most importantly, it teaches them to protect themselves physically in case of a fight. It also helps them release any built up anger or frustration.”

All in all, I think martial arts is a great place to learn important life skills and have fun. Wax on or wax off, self-defense and patience are undeniably important to learn.