June 19, 2024

Shooting into the scene through a social media promotion that has brought them over 110k followers on TikTok and over 2 million total streams, the young newcomers and latest LAB Records signees The Sukis are looking at a big career ahead of them.

Based out of the UK, since 2017 The Sukis have embraced their alt garage rock sound through a modest catalog of original songs, including two demo projects and, most recently, an EP. Their unrefined, young take on songwriting along with a renowned studio team gives for the perfect sound to bring on tours.

Their one official work, Becca – EP, consisting of 4 singles released prior, has given good groundwork for what to expect in the future. My personal favorite is the title track “Becca,” which has brought their monthly listeners on Spotify from when I first discovered them at 15k to over 170k month listeners on Spotify with close to six million streams. Sporting an extremely catchy intro guitar riff and chorus, I could play this song on repeat all day. Their music spans across all different tastes; from those who like that indie feel to catchy record lovers to really any kind of rock fan, all can appreciate this song and the others off of this EP.

Taking some time to look at their roots, their demo projects in Skinhead Pt. 1 and Hometown Pt. 2 put their inspirations into the spotlight. When I first found this band on TikTok I heard the “Mrs. May” demo from Skinhead Pt. 1. I remember thinking that it sounded like an unmastered Arctic Monkeys song and ever since then I have been following the band closely. Without these first two small UK-town garage-band projects, I don’t think they would be close to where they are now.

They finally had their first live show in Liverpool for the release of the Becca EP in March, so let’s hope they start touring more in the near future.