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Top 10 Quarantine Must-See Films

Photo Courtesy of theOFFICE

10. The Aviator

Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes

As a Scorcese 21st Century classic, I would say most people have seen it, but I am horribly wrong. The Aviator stands as one of the most underrated, unheard of Martin Scorcese and Leonardo DiCaprio films there is. It is a three-hour epic drama depicting the rise of the billionaire and aviation tycoon Howard Hughes. Moreover, as the lockdown of the world continues to eat away at our brains, The Aviator is one movie that you will not forget. Not only is it a brilliant idea and adapted story, but it a fantastic work of art that comes together masterfully on the big screen of your living room wall.

9. Rear Window

James Stewart as L.B. Jefferies

It is very well known today that Alfred Hitchcock stands as one of the most influential directors in history and films stand long past the test of time. The film Rear Window is a topsy turvy psychological doozy if there ever was one. As a huge fan of Hitchcock’s work, I believe it far outweighs the strong and obvious beauty of other Hitchcock movies such as Vertigo, The Birds, and Psycho. All the films are brilliantly made, but Rear Window has a special place in my heart as watching it allows Hitchcock to swirl your mind into a frenzy as unexpected and exhilarating events take place within the view of one simple rear window.

8. Pan’s Labyrinth

Doug Jones as The Faun

After watching a film like Parasite last year, I had developed a new love and respect for foreign language films. And throughout the quarantine, a movie such as Pan’s Labyrinth helps you to develop even more of a thirst for unique ideas and films that we just don’t see in America very often. People such as Guillermo del Toro have developed incredible ideas and visions that come alive on the big screen in such beautiful and ingenious ways. Furthermore, del Toro’s way of enhancing a simple plot into a fantastic picture is truly a sight to see. He utilizes a skillset full of tools equipped to put the audience on the edge of their seat (or couch in this manner) and Pan’s Labyrinth is simply a testament to this idea. 

7. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jack Nicholson as Randle McMurphy

Jack Nicholson has played a variety of roles throughout his career, but his part as a psychotic and crazed person definitely takes the cake as his best. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nicholson is brilliant and uses his acting skills to break down a  complex role as an insane human being into a likable and enjoyable person to watch play a role. The movie bases itself around his transference from a prison cell to a mental institution; while at the hospital he develops friendships, attachments, and what it’s like to live life to the fullest in a reserved location. The film is also incredibly crafted with hilarious dialogue and some fabulous stories from some of Hollywood’s greatest storytellers.

6. Apocalypse Now

Martin Sheen as Cap. Benjamin Willard

As a film by Francis Ford Coppola, many different thoughts spring and spiral through your head. Coppola, the genius mind behind The Godfather trilogy, tells an unlikely story that bases itself around venturing into the depths of war and experiencing some of the most cutthroat pockets of Vietnam. Moreover, the film creates a general look at how battle sounds and feels. Apocalypse Now has some of the most fantastic and innovative cinematography I have seen in a long time. The movie also utilizes Marlon Brando differently and more unexpectedly. He plays a top of the line general who went rogue in North Vietnam. And, the journey to return him to normalcy and civilization is the job of Martin Sheen. He must set out through the inlets, coves, and rivers that Vietnam has to offer to find his fellow general and see what type of mess he has caused.

5. Lost in Translation

Bill Murray as Bob Harris

A director’s dream should be to make a film as touching and moving as Lost in Translation. People don’t understand the beauty of watching films like cinephiles. As someone who watches films left and right I can tell you that this movie is different and in every way beautiful. Sofia Coppola creates a story in the setting of a place of friendship and where anything is possible. In Lost in Translation, Bill Murray plays a lonely film star in Tokyo to film a whiskey commercial. On the other hand there’s Scarlett Johansson, who is an unsatisfied newlywed in Tokyo with her celebrity-photographer husband. Throughout the film these two people will form an unbreakable bond that lies low amidst the bright street and city lights of Tokyo, Japan. This is a movie not to miss because it is one that is definitely considered unforgettable in my book.

4. Annie Hall

Diane Keaton as Annie Hall

A very easygoing and creative film to watch during the quarantine is without a doubt, Annie Hall. Woody Allen plays the role of a broken-down man with nothing to reminisce on but his love and affectionate relationship with his ex Annie Hall (played by Diane Keaton). The story takes you all the way back to the beginning of when they first met, and as the story grows and dynamically changes you see how people can take relationships for granted, but you can’t forget that friendship is the most important worldly attribute a person can have. The film also contains little sprinkles of comedy throughout making it a majorly well-done and sophisticated romantic-comedy.

3. Pulp Fiction

John Travolta as Vincent Vega

I, having watched almost every single Quentin Tarantino film, whole-heartedly believe that no film of his direction nor his screenplay will outmatch the sheer brilliance and dazzling effect that Pulp Fiction contains. The movie for some reason has such a positive aroma that surrounds it, even though the film isn’t completely filled with positive plotlines. However, Pulp Fiction contains the classic Tarantino recipe book filled with occasional extended scenes of dialogue and his classic aestheticization of violence. Also, Pulp Fiction utilizes the usual Quentin Tarantino various plotline technique. Moreover, many different stories take place at the same time that it makes for a fantastic viewing from and masterfully made film.

2. The Shawshank Redemption

Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne

The Shawshank Redemption is a brilliant movie that contains a perfectly made plot. It still stands the test-of-time, and it also stands, in my opinion, as the greatest adapted Stephen King story of all time. Forrest Gump is a fabulous movie, but I had the stressful job of being in the Academy’s round table for award decisions, my vote would without a doubt be for The Shawshank Redemption. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman do some of their acting work over the course of this two hour and twenty-minute film. The movie is based around the incarceration of Andy Dufresne after he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife and her secret lover. As he is locked behind the walls of a prison cell in the Shawshank prison he grows fond of new friends and creates unlikely bonds that will last much longer and be much more powerful than the hard times of prison.

1. Moonlight

Mahershala Ali as Juan

The film that stands as the top movie to watch during the quarantine is none other than Moonlight. It is one of the most powerful and beautiful stories told by any director. No one understands the raw power of a movie that contains the theme of not having the fear of being yourself and living your life the way you want. Furthermore, Barry Jenkins, the director finds the perfect recipe for telling a moving story while still adding more to the suspense throughout the film. The plot of the movie follows along a young African-American boy from Miami named Chiron. During the film, we see the three different sections of his life and you can see the growth, the confidence, and the love that almost put tears to your eyes. Moreover, Mahershala Ali plays his role brilliantly and creates his character as a helpful and kind person that was no doubt deserving of an Oscar. Overall, Moonlight captures the true reason why we love movies, because they make use feel loved and positive and within, and in my opinion, Moonlight does that better than any other film there is.