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New Door Locks


Currently, in Half Hollow Hills High School West new door locks have been implemented. These are not your average door locks, as they don’t need a key or any fumbling around. Instead, your ID card is all they need! One scan of a staff’s ID and the door will open. The fundamental idea behind implementing these locks was to ensure safety and security among the school. If in a real-life event, if there was an actual need to go in lockdown the new locks would just immediately lock by pushing the door close. This would save more time for the class to get situated, as it would take longer if the teachers had to lock the door themselves. It also assured the safety of one’s belongings in a room. A door cannot be open without a staff ID card, therefore, no one can walk in there and potentially steal something. However, there are different opinions among the HHH West community.

Social Studies teacher Mr. Ferretti believes that the locks are important and useful to him as he stated, “I have always locked my door, so these new locks are helpful to me because I don’t need to use my keys anymore. I just need to use my card. On a side note, I also believe that these new door locks can save time in the event of an emergency”. Junior Kayla Cook says, “The ID cards that can open the new door locks are only the teachers. So it is nice to have an assurance that no one will just walk into the classroom and could potentially steal something. However it can be a nuisance when a person has to leave the classroom, for reasons such as the bathroom, nurse, water, etc., as they come back the door is locked. So one person, potentially the teacher or student has to distract from either paying attention to lesson or possibly taking an assessment in order to open that door”. Mrs. Archdeacon believes, “The new door locks are great because there is no need for keys anymore”. Another thing that the lock can do, is that it allows teachers to open other classroom doors. Whenever a teacher used to stepped out of the their classroom and the door locks, students had to wait for a janitor or the actual teacher to open the door. Now different classroom teachers can open the door, making it easy for the students to obtain their possible missing items. Do you think that these new door locks fulfill the purpose of efficiency and safety? What’s your take on this?