March 30, 2023

The Girls are at the top of their league, dominating nearly all of their matchups, and have made it to 1st in the county and 5th in the state! However, the playoffs are an entirely different entity and the girls are turning their attention to the postseason.

HSW Girls soccer just finished their season with a 4-1 victory over Babylon. This win meant virtually nothing, as no other team would be competitively fighting for the division’s top spot, however, this win would be a confidence booster for a team that has been putting schools on notice the whole season.
The Colts also earned the number one rank in their league, capping off an incredible season.

The girls now boast the best record in their division at 13-1, with their only loss coming at the hands of West Babylon. Despite their 3-0 defeat, the girls have dominated this season, averaging roughly three goals a game to their opponents one goal per game against them. These wins have cemented the Colts as the team to beat in their league as well as a threat for their league’s title. However, the regular season is over; and the girls have to live up to the hype. They will be playing the best of the best from their league, who will all be hungry and eager to avenge the regular season.

To find out more about the team and their upcoming matchup, we interviewed Senior Haley Cascio, the team’s Goalkeeper. “It’s the same teams we play in the league (regular season), but everyone will definitely be bringing their A-game and playing as hard as they can. There’s a lot more energy in the playoffs.”

When asked about what the team is doing to prepare for the upcoming playoff matchup, Haley said, “Practice. We’ve had a practice Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with no breaks. Mentally, we’re preparing ourselves to give it our all because this could be the last game we play.”
Preparing for a win or to go home can be insanely stressful, especially when you have worked all season to get to where you are now. Haley, being a senior, will certainly be playing her hardest, knowing her team has a shot at the championship before her departure at the end of the year.

Practice makes perfect, an expression you’ve almost definitely heard before, but what does a 13-1 team need to practice? “One thing we gotta work on is decreasing our warm-up time and coming out strong right from the start, but I think with the playoff atmosphere we definitely will come out super strong and ready to play,” said Haley.

But the team has obviously had success in other areas of the game. “We’ve done well with moving the ball up the field and finding the open space on the field and we work really well together,” said Haley. Their exceptional ball movement has made them lethal on the offensive end and has left defenses stunned all season long. Their creative passing and playmaking ability have contributed to their reputation as one of their league’s best offensive teams.

“Jordan Levy, with 20 goals in the regular season and 9 assists, and Carly Bloom, with 1 goal and 8 assists have played the best this year.
Their biggest game is today and the girls have been working overtime to get ready for the contest. It is sure to be a tough, hard fought game between both teams involved, however, Hills West looks ready and is confident. They continue to push each other further and look to each other for support. They are a team in every sense of the word, and they are all ready for whatever lies ahead.

Being that there are a lot of seniors on the team, the younger players are looking to win it all for them before they inevitably leave at the end of the year. The seniors on the team are also looking for the win, and will most definitely be coming out strong and be playing with tenacity, trying to bring a championship back to West.

Make sure to catch the girls today when they take on Harborfields. Due to complications with the condition of the turf field at West, the game has been moved to HSE. Show up and show some support!