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Why you Should go to Comic-Con (Even if you Hate Comics)

New York Comic-Con in Action (CBS New York)

When most people think about comic con, they think of hundreds of thousands of basement dwelling middle aged men walking around New York City’s Javits Center leaving a trail of sweat and an odor of Doritos and Mountain Dew all while dressed up as Star Wars characters. And for the most part-they’re right. But what most people don’t know is how over the years the convention has evolved into a celebration of just about everything pop culture including video games, anime, movies, tv shows, and cartoons. Even if you hate comics, you should still go to Comic Con.

One of the most important parts of Comic Con is the panels. Panels are small one to two hour presentations with creators, actors, and artists of all things pop culture. One of the most notable panels from this year’s Comic Con was for Amazon Prime’s hottest show “Jack Ryan.” This year fans were lucky enough to get to see John Krasinski the star of the show and who is also known for his leading role as Jim Halpert in NBCs “The Office.” Being able to see your favorite actors in person is a surreal experience for anyone whether you like what they’ve been in or not. Some other celebs you may have liked to meet include Tom Kenny the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants, Tom Hiddleston the actor who played Loki from Thor, and Paul Rudd from being the only man who doesn’t age. Oh and he was also Ant-Man but that’s unimportant.

Another reason you should visit Comic Con is for all of the merchandise you can buy on the show floor. While walking around you can find old school video game consoles like the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Transformer toys dating back to the 90s, anime collectables as far as the eye can see, and tons of Funko Pop Vinyls- little statue like figures of popular characters from all facets of pop culture. If you think you have the will power (or the wallet) to walk through the show floor without buying a single thing, you are surely mistaken. There truly is something for everyone at the convention even if you think radio is the latest technology in human advancements.

If destroying your bank account or meeting the voice of SpongeBob isn’t cool enough for you, take a visit to artist alley. Hundreds of artists line up in their booths with their art displayed and available to purchase too. You of course will find a ton of comic book artists but if that isn’t your thing, there’s different types of art for everyone in the alley.

Comic Con is an event for anyone and everyone who enjoys pop culture. From seeing the people who molded your childhood, or spending copious amounts of money on toys and video games, you should go to Comic Con no matter what.