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Guidance Explains the Hills West “College Board”

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Our school has a plethora of college advertisements outside the walls of the guidance offices. It is known as the “college board.” The college board is a bulletin board that showcases the top colleges and state universities that come to visit Hills West with the hope of attracting students to their institutions. But why do we promote these colleges? Hills West guidance counselor and SEC advisor, Mrs. Reynolds, provided a more in-depth view of the purpose and reasoning behind the “college board.”

Within the interview, many background questions as well as specific questions as well were asked. Also, it was wondered how many years she had worked at Hills West, she said that she has worked here for twelve years. She also added how amazing, that with the college board, it is amazing to watch the students develop self-consciousness and to grow to become collaborative, supportive, enthusiastic, and always come to school with a team mentality. Mrs. Reynolds also said that the overall purpose behind the college board was to create a two-fold academic rig or involvement for students. She said the board also gave awareness to the students of all the different options for education in the world, including out-of-the-box career paths as well. Mrs. Reynolds also said that the most joyful part about her job as a school counselor was to watch a student struggle at first, however, work hard and achieve in the end. She thinks that this scenario supports positive encouragement from students and counselors. And finally, she explained what teacher at our school has inspired her the most as an educator and counselor, she said Mr. Riccuiti, a Journalism and English teacher here at Hills West. Mrs. Reynolds said that he, above all, has a way of getting students to embrace their passion and knowledge through all of their high school years and college experience. Through all these elements, including the Hills West college board, our teachers, and our incredibly helpful administration and guidance counselors, we as a school thrive in the eyes of some of the top colleges within the United States of America.