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PAX East 2019 Review


PAX East 2019 is officially in the books and it was an amazing and exhilarating weekend, to say the least.  A full four days of entertainment and interest, that would intrigue the most out of the box game lovers, to the newer fans that want to get to know more about the rising entertainment within the current movie and video game industry.  The expo hall entailed a hefty amount of tabletop games, console games, and computer games. In 2004, the people at the Penny Arcade webcomic decided to transport their talents onto the big stage. The main creators, Tycho Brahe, and Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel, quickly skyrocketed the convention’s fame, and just like that the Penny Arcade Expo (or as we know it as PAX) was officially born.

This year PAX brought in some new, as well as old stars such as YouTube sensations, Twitch streamers, and television celebrities. Some of the highlights included panels from Jacksepticeye (YouTube star), FaZe Clan (Twitch streamers), and WWE Superstars. Also, the annual Omegathon tournament, which is essentially the official gaming tourney that occurs over the four days of PAX, becomes a rivalry of epic proportions as the contestants narrow down, and the competition becomes more intense. Moreover, the expo hall, major consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch were all showcasing new games by rather unknown, new developers looking to get the word out about their newer products. The convention is also a place filled with a friendly environment and counteracts one of the flaws with single player games, and it’s having people to play with. Overall, PAX was quite an experience that would be something that anyone interested in video games should go explore.