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National Language Honor Society


On Monday, April 8th our school had the National Language Honor society induction. It was truly a great experience for all the language teachers, language officers, all the students inducted, and their parents. Each language teacher presented their language and explained the importance of learning a foreign language. The officers for each honor society presented the newly inducted students, and had them recite the vow that the they needed to say. There was also a musical performance by Ana Cooke for French, Julianna Digiorgio for Italian, and Tiara Belizaire for Spanish. These three demonstrated fantastic performances of the music for each distinct language. They all had such awe-striking performances. After the induction, there was a reception time with snacks, and many students took pictures. Aaliyah Bullen, an honors French student, says that her favorite part about the induction was Madame Houston’s story of a past student using French as a biologist now. Bullen also says that it was a very laid back and enjoyable atmosphere. It was such a great and fun experience for both the students and parents because of the relaxed setting with amazing performances. A Chinese language induction was also taken place at Half Hollow Hills East with the combined students of both East and West Chinese classes. Language is such a big part of our society and we should be grateful for the amazing language opportunities we have as students of the Half Hollow Hills district. There are so many different choices you can take for your language and these classes will definitely help you in future years.