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Wonderful Winter Weather?

Photo Credit: www.fayettevillear.va.gov
Photo Credit: www.fayettevillear.va.gov

Many parts of the nation have already seen an increasing number of devastating weather-related events, including storms and flooding. These events will continue throughout the upcoming winter season, and will continue to damage roads, railways, bridges, and electrical grids.

Rising temperatures and rainstorms had parts of western New York buried under seven feet of snow. Where does seven feet of snow go once it starts melting? Flooding is a serious concern of most of these residents. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, “Flooding-is worse than dealing with snow.” In addition to the flood risk, high wind gusts of up to 60 mph could topple electrical wires and trigger power outages, creating a plethora of issues for these New Yorkers.

Many students are concerned with the weather change this year, and the possible consequences of a harsh winter. Joshua Greene states, “Here in Dix Hills, it is very dangerous when the weather gets bad because the roads are narrow and there are plenty of hills.” On the contrary, Owen Egre is looking forward to the possibilities a harsh winter may supply stating, “I enjoy the change of setting during the year, however, I feel like sometimes it’s inconvenient because I like going to school and seeing my friends.”

I, personally, love seasonal changes. Every season has it’s own unique vibe and provides students with different opportunities according to the weather.