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Traditions Are Only a Side Effect


Although High School West and High School East are both part of the Half Hollow Hills School District, it only takes one homecoming game to know which school has more spirit. While students from Hills West are laying down on the grass to the side of the bleachers because of the lack of sufficient seating, students from Hills East are few and far between. And some people want to know, what makes the students from West so spirited? Are there any other activities or traditions that they find themselves excited to participate in each year?

High School West has a range of fun traditions. From Animal Fun Fact Friday, to the funky dress code during Spirit Week, to the in-school pep-rallies, to the after-school pep rallies, to the Variety Show- students love them all. Nicole Rosenthal, a sophomore, says that her favorite is the variety show. “To be able to put on a show where the students can express themselves creatively in front of friends and family, that’s such a unique experience,” she says, almost matching Sal Liotta, a senior, word for word.

Senior Samantha Osborn’s favorite activity is the after-school pep rally. “Pep rally is always an amazing time. I love when the grades compete and everyone comes together and cheers each other on,” and there is no way to argue that, but if you notice, there is one common denominator between what the three students said. It’s sharing the experience with other people. Whether those people are friends or family or classmates, everyone coming together is what makes these activities so lovable. If no one came to the Hills West homecoming game, then what would be the point of going yourself? Animal fun fact Friday may be dorky and a little bit weird, but laughing about it with friends is what makes it fun, and most students wouldn’t even think of voting to end it.

These traditions are what define High School West, but the students are the main reason High School West even has traditions in the first place. Having kids dress up in preppy clothing for one random day in the fall may not seem like a bonding experience- but to Hills West students, it is one. The spirit that courses through the school is one that is rooted in the unity between the students, and the fun of the homecoming game is only one amazing side effect of that togetherness.