October 1, 2023

Hulu and Netflix are very popular services, especially among high school students with busy schedules, as they allow students to watch their favorite shows at times that are convenient to them. Students at West are pretty familiar with both Netflix and Hulu, but have some differing opinions on the two.

“Well, Netflix started off really good, as a good idea to order dvds right from home and have them mailed to you. And streaming is an amazing idea; that’s the best part of it. I feel like it’s a TV, but you can watch what you want and don’t have to wait for a particular episode. Also, they’ve been innovating to put it on phones so I can watch it pretty much anywhere. Well, I love it and I’m addicted,” explained Rohan Savargaonkar, a sophomore. Junior Chris Knieste agreed, “Netflix? It’s one of the most worthwhile uses of my parents’ money ever.” These students aren’t too familiar with Hulu, however, and tend to stick with Netflix for their video-viewing purposes.

Other students use both Netflix and Hulu, and were able to offer their opinion contrasting the two. Mia Pitsironis, also a junior, said, “I really use Hulu for shows and Netflix for movies; I’ve never tried the vice versa. I prefer Hulu over Netflix because Hulu gives me a more recent variety of my favorite shows and movies while Netflix takes a long time to receive programs, and appears to not have as wide a variety.” Senior James Battle also shared, “I like Netflix more than Hulu because it has fewer commercials. I’ve heard of Hulu Plus, but I’ve never bought it because I don’t feel like paying for it.” This seems to be a widely held opinion, as not too many students claimed to know much about Hulu Plus at all, or if they did, they didn’t think it was worth spending money due to the ads.

“Hulu plus is nice, and very convenient too. However, I don’t think the slightly increased convenience is worth the cost when everything that can be found on Hulu plus can be found elsewhere for free. Unless you watch movies every night, it won’t be worth it,” said Azaria Zornberg.

All in all, the go-to services for students when trying to catch up on their favorite shows, or during those rainy days that are perfect for watching movies, seem to be both Netflix and Hulu. As far as Hulu Plus goes, it just doesn’t seem like students are ready to spend the extra money for a service that is initially offered for free.