February 24, 2024

“El Loco” Who is Argentina’s New President?

On November 19th Javier Milei also known as “El Loco” was voted President of Argentina. The radical libertarian beat Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa for the position pulling in nearly 56% of the ballot.

Argentina, which has been struggling with a soaring inflation rate of nearly 150% and severe poverty, now depends on Milei to restore Argentina to an economically stable country. Among Milei’s plans to accomplish economic stability is converting Argentina’s local currency, pesos, into U.S. dollars, along with plans to terminate Argentina’s Central Bank. He also plans to make major cutbacks on government offices such as the ministries of health, women, education, and spending in general. All ways that he has stated will improve the economic situation of Argentina.

Not only does Milei have radical ideas for Argentina’s economy he is an avid supporter of former President Trump and many “Make Argentina Great Again” hats can be found in his hands along with chainsaws at his rallies. His fiery conservative beliefs have caused major discourse globally. He heavily opposes feminist policies and abortion rights, which Argentina has only recently made legal. Among his many plans, he plans to repeal abortion laws as soon as possible. He is an adamant climate change denier, stating that he thinks humans have had no role in causing climate change. He even has gone so far as to call Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic church, an “imbecile” for defending social justice. He has strongly advocated for looser gun laws along with the legalization of the buying and selling of human organs.

Contradicting his claims to instill these changes within government are economists who state that Milei’s political party only has a small number of seats within Argentina’s Congress, and it would be extremely difficult for Milei to negotiate with members of these other parties to initiate his promised policies.

The fate of Argentina’s economic status will now lie in the hands of Milei. Milei will be sworn in on the 10th of December for a four-year term.