May 24, 2024

Hollywood Writers End Strike, What’s Next?

After a 148 day journey, Hollywood writers under the Writers Guild of America (WGA) landed on a deal, meaning good news for the entertainment industry. As the second-longest strike in Hollywood, it played host to a variety of dramas off-screen. The writer’s goals were directed well beyond just higher pay; they demanded expansive writing teams, enhanced residuals, and commitments regarding pension and health rates. Additionally, they wanted a boundary regarding the use of artificial intelligence, ensuring that writers could use it but not be replaced by it, protecting the human touch within the industry. 

Furthermore, President Joe Biden addressed the strike, calling for the necessity of having transparent conversations between employers and employees. As for the benefits of the strike, the WGA landed on deals such as guaranteed pay timelines and bonuses for successful films. In regards to the use of AI, it was decided that AI use cannot undermine a writer’s credit, and the company has to disclose if AI was used in writing. 

As the strike ends, many shows are announced to return on air. For example, Saturday Night Live is returning to NBC in mid-October, The Kelly Clarkson show is returning on October 16th, and The Daily Show is returning with new guest hosts. 

Despite the good news, it is still too early for celebration. Many writers, specifically the head writers of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” have turned down offers to come back after the strike. This could possibly set an example to other writers to fight even harder against the industry. Moreover, scripted shows will take longer to return due to the actors’ strike, in which little negotiations are predicted to happen in the near future. Although the writer’s strike had many positive outcomes for writers and viewers, the entertainment industry as a whole still has many flaws that should continue to be looked out for.