February 24, 2024

Should Participation awards be given to Elementary School Children?

Participation awards are consistently discussed in today’s modern world. They allow children to feel good about themselves while learning. Still, they also cause children to feel less pressured to learn as they will receive a reward no matter their effort. 

I support children, at least until the 5th grade earning a participation award. This is because elementary students have developing minds. Elementary students’ minds are so sensitive during this period of development. Encouraging makes sensitive people feel they can keep going even after getting things wrong.

Some beg to differ that participation awards should be given. A poll with Junior students was taken showing that;  37.5% of people believe that awards should be given up to grade 5, 6.25% of people believe that awards should be given to students up to high school, and the rest, 56.25% of people believe that awards not to be given. As one can conclude, despite my viewpoint, some beg to disagree. 

Despite what some may think, not awarding a child for their effort may hurt their self-esteem. Hurting a young child’s self-esteem will affect them in the long run, as they will be unable to move past their mistakes, feel worthy of themselves, and compete with their peers. 

In conclusion, participation awards are vital in developing children’s minds and encouraging them to be encouraged by good sportsmanship. A little effort and hard work are all they need. Participation awards are essential in promoting positive learning experiences, boosting self-esteem, and encouraging children to stay active.