June 19, 2024

Many students buy lunch from school because they either don’t want to make lunch at home or don’t have time. These students then eat lunch at school during their lunch periods. School lunches have been argued to be nutritious for students, but are they enjoyable?

In my opinion, school lunches aren’t enjoyable and are overpriced. The meals they serve are very soggy and not fresh as most students would prefer. The options are limited to what the school serves and chooses, and the meals are often meat-based. Students that don’t eat meat, or prefer to not eat meat, are limited to very few options. For example, in the deli section, one of the options is salad, but from my experience, the salad is very soggy and doesn’t taste very well.  

Sophomore Zuri Bayley agrees, “The school lunches are okay, but they could be better. For example, there could be more vegetarian options for the students. The lunches should also be free for students.”

Regarding the price of the school lunches, they are too expensive for lunch in general. The school lunch price has risen over the years to get to the price of $3.50 today. The price is okay if you’re buying the lunch once or twice a week, but most students buy every day of the week and the money just keeps on piling up. Most students prefer the meals to be free to be without worry of financial issues sometimes. 

Sophomore Eavan Lu says, “If the lunches were free and tastier, I would enjoy the food more.”

In the end, it depends on how you think about school lunches, but these are just some of the cons of school lunches.