October 1, 2023
Music Study

Image courtesy of Getty Images

Music has been around for centuries, dating back to the Paleolithic Age. Many students and teenagers listen to music for a multitude of reasons. Despite music’s many objectives, its main objective is to help people study.

Concentrating and absorbing the material you learned in class is hard when studying. This material is on tests and other exams you must pass to get credit for the class. Some ways to concentrate are being in a quiet place or having no distractions, but sometimes, there is no choice in not having noise around you. You can try blocking out the sound with your mind, but this method doesn’t help in most scenarios. Listening to music in most scenarios can help tune out distractions. If you put on classical music or music you like to listen to; your brain can calm down from all the noise and start overthinking everything. After this occurs, it will be easier to focus on studying, doing your homework, or completing the tasks you need to do.

Junior Divya Thiruveedhi shares her opinion: “I think it’s better to do work with music because it’s more calming and keeps me focused, but it also depends on the type of music I’m listening to. When I study, I try to listen to classical, and when I’m doing homework or other work, I tend to listen to other songs that I enjoy”. 

Music can also help you remember vocab words or phrases needed for the exams. I, for one, like to make a little tune in my head and hum or say the phrases or words matching the song’s beat. This helps because you will remember that tune if you continue practicing it repeatedly. It’s similar to remembering popular songs from the ration after hearing them a million times. Music can also help you get all the fidgeting you do when studying. If you have a song to listen to, you can move your hands with the beat and get all the nervousness and pressure you feel when studying, making it easier to concentrate. You will feel less worried about your tests for the time you need to study. I always do this, which is an excellent method to concentrate better.

Junior Yasmeen Khan states, “I like listening to music when I study because I can focus on my work better. Some of my favorite artists to listen to are Taylor Swift and Conan Gray”.

Everyone has different studying methods due to personal preferences, but if you haven’t tried listening to music and have difficulty concentrating, give this method a try!