June 19, 2024

Halloween has been celebrated since the eighteenth century. In Half Hollow Hills, teachers and students would dress up and celebrate Halloween in previous years. Recently, there’s been a lack of this spirit, and we are here to find the answers to one fundamental question: Should students and teachers dress up for Halloween at school?

Benson Huang, a freshman here at High School West, supports students wearing Halloween costumes to school. ” It gives off a light-hearted spirit that cheers the entire school up. It supports the idea of school spirit because it allows students to express themselves and do something together as a school.” 

A senior, Nicole Pelliccione, had similar ideas about dressing up for Halloween at school. “It’s a harmless way to appreciate a fun holiday and have a good time with your friends.” Unlike Benson, Nicole doesn’t think dressing up at school for this holiday supports the school spirit. “I don’t think it necessarily supports the idea of school spirit, but it’s a great way to celebrate the holiday and brighten the school day.” 

These students were never really able to encapsulate what Halloween was like back when HHH West dress up for Halloween, so we asked a guidance counselor for her point of view.

Mrs. Reynolds has been working here long enough to live through when Halloween was indeed celebrated here at West. Like both students, Mrs. Reynolds “supports students and teachers wearing Halloween costumes to school as long as it’s school appropriate. It shows school spirit because it brings students together and shows that West is a fun place. Instead of telling us how Halloween differs from when she started working here, she showed us pictures. 

One thing is for sure, many students, as well as teachers, believe that HHH West should dress up for Halloween. The idea of dressing up being connected with school spirit is controversial, but overall, dressing up for Halloween is another fun way to unite the student body.