June 19, 2024

My Thoughts on “Komi Can’t Communicate”

Komi Can’t Communicate is a romance and comedy anime on Netflix. There are new episodes weekly. There are 18 comic volumes, and most episodes are available in English, excluding the newest ones. Spoilers ahead! 

Shoko Komi is starting as a freshman at Itan Private High School. She is seen as the prettiest girl there and is very popular right away. However, she has a communication disorder and has trouble talking to others. Komi has no clue on how to deal with the new attention. Hitohito Tadano, on the other hand, is the opposite. After a rather bad middle school experience, Tadano wants to get through high school without standing out. This all goes out the window when he ends up sitting next to Komi. Everyone hates him for being next to her! When they finally have a chance to talk to each other, Komi instead writes what she thinks, saying she wants to make 100 friends. Tadano offers to help by being her friend and helping her make more. Can they reach their goal?

I loved this anime when I first saw it. I thought it was funny how Tadano was average but ended up sitting next to a popular girl. It was adorable that they started writing to each other to help Komi become more comfortable with sharing her thoughts. The art style for both the comics and the anime is really pretty, I love it! The shadows, the lighting, and the colors are impeccable. I love the use of blue and other cool colors. The opening song is also catchy. One of my favorite characters is Naruse, a character we don’t see until the later episodes. I just love how he thinks he’s the main character, it’s so absurd. It’s overall a great show, one of my favorites! 11/10 for sure 🙂