June 7, 2023

Biden’s First Congressional Address

After President Biden’s first 100 days in office, many Americans are confused about the direction the country is heading in. On April 28th, Biden addressed the nation to discuss his strategy for moving forward. In his speech, held at a joint session of Congress, he expressed his desire for new government programs in the near future.

President Biden started his address by calling his first 100 days a period of “rest and renewal,” but expressing that “America is ready for a take-off.” This demonstrates a theme that is maintained throughout the speech, as he affirms that “doing nothing is not an option.” Still, he is willing to work with Republicans to push the country forward, and expresses his openness to other opinions.

However, President Biden progressed to his first incidence of controversy in the address, calling for nearly $6 trillion in spending. Though many feel that this amount of money is simply too much, Biden would be using it for his plans to improve education, childcare, and paid family leave. In addition, he repeatedly states how he wants to “prove democracy still works [and] deliver for the people.” In this regard, Biden takes a more progressive stance than former President Trump, who mostly adhered to the conservative model of limited governmental intervention. 

Finally, Biden ends his speech by expressing how he feels about the United States as a world power. He wants to shut down the belief that America is in decline, specifically referencing China as a threat. He also reminds Americans of his decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

Overall, President Biden takes an optimistic tone in his address to Congress. Though he does indicate some controversial steps to progress, he continues to preach for unity in a crucial point for America.