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Let’s Take a Look at 2020’s New Apple Products…

Photo Courtesy of WCCFTECH

It’s that time again, new Apple Macintoshes. And guess what. It’s basically the same computer for the one-thousandth year in a row. Only this time, with a slight variation no one would notice whatsoever. So, what is this magical, new upgrade, and should you even bother to keep reading? The answer is no I’m serious don’t read the rest of it it’s so boring. 

Apple seems to be a big fan of the number three this year. Three Apple watches, three iPhones, and now, three Macbooks. They come in three different flavors this time around. MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the desktop version, the Mac mini. They all come in the same colors of Space Grey and Silver with the exception of the Air having the Gold variation. 

So what is this minor difference that doesn’t matter to you? It’s the processor. Instead of Apple going out to Intel to make their processors, Apple is now making their own this time around and, for the foreseeable future, with the M1 chip. As with all processor statistics and stuff, the M1 is supposedly faster, better, stronger, can cook you a meal, all of that. It won’t impact your day to day electronic experience utilizing these devices unless… you are a developer. 

Developers should be very excited about this new change. This new chip will run on the same architecture as the famous iPhones. What this means is that, without any extra work, developers can have their programs and apps automatically work on both iPhones and Macs. And if you don’t know how to invent Uber, this means you can play Jetpack Joyride on your computer if you’re really intense about it I guess. Oh, and you can ghost people on Snapchat on a sixteen-inch display this time too?

As a whole, there’s nothing crazy about these new MacBooks as usual. As I said before, these new computers only truly benefit the upgrade from a developer standpoint. Pre Orders have already begun on www.apple.com. So let us see what happens.