April 22, 2024

2020 Presidential Election: The Final States

The 2020 elections are still undecided with a few states left undeclared. With Trump’s 214 votes trailing far behind Biden’s 264 votes, these battleground states have become even more important than ever. Though Election Day itself saw most of the votes declared, the day after seems to only be a continuity of anticipation.

At the end of Election Day, majority of the states did declare the winner of the electoral votes with exception Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. Biden needs only one more state to win the presidency today, while Trump needs all of these states (fortunately for him, most of the remaining states appear to be red).

Many of these states still have to count up mail-in ballots and take those into account in order t decide a clear victor.

But the slim margin of victory in every state and the controversy of mail-in ballots almost welcomes court cases about recounts on votes and over vote count extensions such as that found in Pennsylvania. Trump’s campaign is already suing for recounts and the increasing likelihood of a 2000 Bush-Gore case. With the significant majority on the Supreme Court, President Trump may be able to win his second term in a Bush-like manner if his case makes it that far.