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Best Halloween Attractions on Long Island


It’s the spookiest time of the year, and people across Long Island are looking to get in the Halloween spirit this fall. We’ll be taking a look at the best corn mazes, haunted houses, and fun-filled Halloween attractions for you and your family this fall.

Like anything else in 2020, we have to mention the COVID-19 pandemic. All Halloween attractions this fall have been affected by this ongoing pandemic. Visitors must wear masks and maintain social distance in corn mazes and haunted houses. 

One of Long Island’s most popular Halloween destinations, Bayville Scream Park, was threatened with the possibility of a shutdown by the Nassau Fire Marshal. The Fire Marshal cited the excessive crows that were not maintaining social distancing on the long line to get into the park. “There were about 200-300 people waiting on lines on the main public street trying to get in,” said Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro. “The back-up of people waiting to get in was way out of control.” The park was ordered to operate at only 25% capacity, but they didn’t listen to the executive order. Bayville Scream Park is being allowed to re-open, but only if they comply with the limited capacity laws.

Despite one of Long Island’s most famous Halloween attractions not following COVID-19 safety, precautions, there is plenty of fun, spooky attractions that are being conducted safely, so the only thing you have to worry about is the rustling sounds you hear in the corn maze, not the pandemic.

Schmitt’s Farm

Schmitt’s farm has been spooking Long Islanders since 1994. The farm’s main attractions are the Haunted the Corn Trail, and their terrifying haunted house, ominously named, The Haunt. 

The staff at Schmitt’s Farm have always been dedicated, designing newsrooms, and costumes in order to make sure their attractions are fresh and exciting every year. The farm also features some fun side attractions such as ax throwing, and the Zombie Brain Bash, a spooky take on a theme park classic game. They also serve up delicious concessions that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

Thankfully, Schmitt’s farm is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. The staff at Schmitt’s have introduced many new rules and procedures to make sure all visitors and staff can still enjoy themselves safely. Masks and social distancing will be required at all times, all visitors will have their temperatures taken and capacity will be limited. The group size has been limited to six, and larger groups will be split up. Hand sanitizer will be available all over the park, and employees will be disinfecting the park thoroughly. All actors will be required to maintain social distance from guests, so luckily, the clowns and zombies can’t get too close to us this year. 

Schmitt’s Farm has a diverse selection of attractions that will be sure to satisfy all of the fright fans you know while making sure safety is a top priority.

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse features a variety of attractions but it has something unique that not many other haunted houses have: a drive-through experience.

Gateway’s is home to The Forgotten Road, a drive-through fight fest. At the entrance, you are supplied with CD’s that tell you the story of the chilling Campground Massacre, and you learn more about this scary story as you drive through the 1.5-mile course. The method of storytelling and delivery is unique and it will really immerse you in the creepy and strange path you’ll find yourself on.

Gateway’s also features Brigands run, a chilling outdoor walk-through attraction featuring chilling undead pirates, a drive-in movie theater, as well as the Not So Scary Kids Adventure, where kids can get together and show off their costumes and have a good time, without having to worry about anything spooky.

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse is a part of the Suffolk County Performing Arts Center and has been set up since 2009 to help raise funds for the Performing Arts Center. This year, however, is especially important for Gateway’s as they were hit very hard by the pandemic. Social distancing and quarantine orders canceled many of the shows that the Performing Arts Center relies on, so it would greatly help them out to stop by and try out some of their classic activities located in Bellport, or their unique drive-in experience located in Yaphank

Gateway’s is another fine establishment practicing proper safety during the pandemic. This includes mask mandates and social distancing, as well as a reduced capacity for. To keep patrons apart, the concession stand was closed. On the bright side, Hand Sanitizer Stations have been placed throughout all of their attractions, except The Forgotten Road, of course.

If you’re looking for a unique experience this Halloween, look no further than Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse, you’ll be guaranteed to love it… if you manage to make it out alive.

Elwood Pumpkin Farm

Let’s take a break from frights and the undead, and relax with some good old fashion pumpkin picking, and Elwood Pumpkin Farm is one of the best places to do it

Elwood Pumpkin Farm has some of the best pumpkin selection on Long Island. Unlike many other farms on Long Island, Elwood grows all their pumpkins right on the farm, instead of getting pumpkins from another farm as many other farms do. Because of this, Elwoods Pumpkins are of great quality, and you get to pick these great pumpkins right off the vines they grew on, pretty cool, right?

They don’t stop at just kidnapping winter squashes though, Elwood features a fun family-friendly corn maze, as well as hayrides and wagon rides on their lineup of horses.

Of course, a respectable farm like Elwood is following all proper safety precautions during the pandemic. Capacity will be limited, and masks and social distancing will be required.

If you’re looking for the best quality pumpkins on the Island, look no further than the Elwood Pumpkin Farm

No matter who you are during the fall season, there are plenty of awesome activities for you this Halloween. Even during a pandemic, you can stay safe, while getting your frights, and your fun, by going to these establishments