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Dissecting the “Uncut Gems”

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★★★★ ½

CinePhiler’s Corner VOL. 2: Uncut Gems

The year of 2019 has been a fantastic year for the film industry. It has been a collective build-up of different directors and creators using their brilliance to add to the marvelous world of movies and entertainment. And, the most recent major release of Uncut Gems is simply a testament to the beauty of why we watch films.

The film contains a strong foundation of a plot with endless techniques and opportunities for story transition and growth. Furthermore, lead actor Adam Sandler uses a complex variety of skills that help to expand his usual film character. When a person simply thinks of Adam Sandler, comedies such as Happy Gilmore, The Longest Yard, and You Don’t Mess With the Zohan are usually the first films that come to mind. This is because Sandler has built a widely known name for himself within the comical genre of movies. Therefore, when a movie of his maintains its plot in a serious sense, it is unconventional and unexpected. However, the film is nothing short of fantastic.

Directors Benny and Josh Safdie take viewers on a wild ride through the life of a charismatic jeweler named Howard Ratner and his rise to riches. The core plot bases itself around Ratner (Sandler) and his ability to close a deal worth millions of dollars with star NBA power forward Kevin Garnett. As he gets into the possession of the gem that’s beautiful in both looks and spiritual senses, he must balance family, business, and competitors to complete this high-risk and high-reward deal.

The story shows the creation and destruction of relationships and the rising and falling of opportunity within a person’s life. Along with shocking plot twists, the film uses a diverse set of points to explain the cutthroat life of a risk-taking businessman. The quest of Howard Ratner not only illustrates a sense of brilliance but also a conceited and self-induced mind as it flutters in the winds of change. The tides of life are so unexpected, one day could be high, another low, and that is the idea behind the life portrayed by Adam Sandler in the movie. Anything can happen when you live your life on the edge and you take risks.

Overall, it is a wonderful piece of art that showcases unique and stunning characters. For example, it maintains a consistently intriguing plot, a fabulous cast of actors (that are cast perfectly), and a tremendous amount of plot and character evolution. These are the three crucial facets that films must contain to achieve a prominent rating in my opinion. Uncut Gems is also a story of immense suspense and creative scenarios that only occurs in Adam Sandler’s wildest dreams. Therefore, Uncut Gems is one you won’t want to miss; it’s an emotional roller coaster of wild proportions.

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