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Thanksgiving with Family


Despite how loud, interruptive, and nosy our family members can be, there’s no better company than our loved ones on Thanksgiving day. 

Whether eating loads of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, or cornbread, there’s no limit to the amount of food our stomachs have been trained to fit on this special day. Thanksgiving is a holiday full of appreciation for our blessings, and it is meant to be spent with the family and friends who make our lives worth living.

The underrated significance of sitting around a table with family and friends has been lost in modern times, with the early Black Friday sales and lack of connection with one another. According to the editor of Esquire’s, Dave Holmes, spending Thanksgiving with family is gratifying because “…you get to watch as people evolve and try on new styles, fashions, and attitudes.” For the cousins we don’t get to see as often as we’d like, Thanksgiving gives families a reason to get together and catch up on the lives we are all busy living.

Being more aware of our blessings on Thanksgiving, we are also more inclined to be kind to one another and make good memories together. The beauty of being with our loved ones is the appreciation felt for the people surrounding you. Sharing stories and playing games will never get old with these people because they’re the ones that stick around through thick and thin, and it’s so important to not only keep these people in our lives, but to show them our love through the gesture of an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner.

In my home, Thanksgiving is a big holiday consisting of lots of preparation to make it perfect. Yet, the most important aspect is not the satisfaction of our full stomachs, instead, it’s being able to share these moments with each other. The greatest part of Thanksgiving is its ability to bring large groups together, create lasting memories, and bring personal gratification.