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Your Culture; Your Thanksgiving


Should Thanksgiving food be what it has always been or what you and your family want? Thanksgiving food is always the same: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc. But why? Because that’s what they ate on the first Thanksgiving day? I think people should introduce foods in the Thanksgiving feast that are from their culture.

My family and I love Thanksgiving because we get to spend time with cousins, uncles, and aunts, but we eat a little differently on Thanksgiving. We still have turkey, mashed potatoes, and things like that, but because we are all Italian, we have some Italian food for Thanksgiving too. Even though Thanksgiving is supposed to be an American holiday, America is a giant melting pot of tons of different cultures. They should be included in our Thanksgiving holiday. 

Also, people should implement desserts from their culture on Thanksgiving to change it up a little bit because it’s always the same stuff that you could eat every day. Instead, people should bake some desserts with their family so they can bond more and create a special dessert for a special day that only comes once a year.

On Thanksgiving, my grandpa and I make zeppoles together which is an Italian dessert that is delicious and fun to make, and we don’t do it often. I think people should embrace their culture more and add some of it to Thanksgiving to change it up a little bit. Also, learning how to cook foods from your culture allows some family bonding to happen. It also allows people to learn more about their culture, and hopefully, it is passed down to each generation.