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IGOR By Tyler the Creator Review


Tyler the Creator from time and time again proved to the world that he has what it takes to create some of the most relaxing, good for the soul, type of music. His latest album, IGOR, is absolutely no exception. From tracks like EARFQUAKE, and I THINK, Tyler delivers on a beautiful combination of excellent melodies and beats while giving a small taste of lyrics that add a whole other layer to the relaxing and soothing feel. On the other side of the spectrum, some songs must be talked about like NEW MAGIC WAND, which has an aggressive beat. Although to some it may seem to start off as a messy uninteresting song, it slowly goes back into the more relaxing theme. It also is coupled with a smidge of rap and great lyrics from Santigold and Jessy Wilson. Instead of looking at the songs as individual songs as some do when listening to music, the best part of IGOR is looking at it as a single entity. Tyler the Creator made a tweet before the album released asking his fans to go from front to back when listening to the album to interpret the full meaning of the music. He also makes it clear that IGOR is very special compared to his past albums as IGOR includes very minimal rap within each song which to some he is most well known for. Overall, IGOR is a fantastic album that pushes all the right buttons for quality music. If you haven’t already, take the 40 minutes to listen to the album and form the imagery that Tyler wanted the listener to do for everyone to enjoy the album.