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Fuller House; the New Original


Courtesy: People Magazine
Courtesy: People Magazine
What was once old is new again this year; beloved childhood movies have been making a reappearance on television. In the past few months, there has been a reunion with the cast of the High School Musical movie series and with the  Friends cast. However, the cast of Full House is going in a similar direction of the television show Boy Meets World: the adored main character, Cory Matthews, becomes a parent and has to deal with the struggle of raising his two children, Riley and Auggie, in Girl Meets World. In Fuller House, Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) of Full House have returned to assist D.J., who is now a widowed mother,  in raising her three children. Although the actors who play Uncle Jesse, Danny and Joey aren’t part of the main cast, they do make special appearances on the show.

Fuller House is a Netflix original series that premiered on February 26th. Because Netflix is controlling the production of this show, Fuller House is able to escape the overused, humorless jokes that the uncreative writers of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon often squeeze into the scripts. The storyline bears almost no difference to the original series and just like the original is a smash hit. Netflix initially ordered 13 episodes but it has already confirmed a second season.

Spin-offs often have difficulty becoming successful because the story has lost its momentum; the audience wants the series to have the same vibe that of the original. In this aspect, Fuller House nails it. The show has a very old-fashioned television show quality that many shows lack. The humor doesn’t feel forced and viewers are not being bombarded with fake laughter every second. Overall, Fuller House seems like a show that has substance and vibe, just like the original series in the 1990s.