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Hills West Winter Fashion Forecast


While fashion trends come and go at Hills West, some fads are here to stay. The latest crazes include chokers, Disney-themed backpacks, riding boots, and colorful preppy attire. Durable trends consist of over-sized sweaters, leggings, sneakers, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

Senior Evan Hirsch said, “It seems as though for ladies a common outfit essential is leggings and converse or boots. While I do not mind this at all, I suggest pairing these with some winter musts like a fur vest or leather motorcycle jacket!”. There is potential to elevate simple looks with statement outerwear and/or fun accessories.

More trends embraced by female students include various winter essentials. “I think I’ve seen more braids, lots of boots with socks and lots of puffer vests”, said senior Tiffany Taylor. A popular jewelry fad are choker necklaces. Senior Puja Patel states, “The chokers are actually really cute. It’s understandable why many people wear them!”.

Male students have recently went for a more formal approach in their clothing choices. According to Evan Hirsch, “For the men, I notice an emphasis on Vineyard Vines apparel, especially pullover sweaters with khakis or assorted flannels. As someone who frequently embraces the preppy look, I think this is a great way for guys to step out in a more presentable look! I will also suggest guys not to shy away from any prints (bold or subtle alike). It creates an interesting appeal to any outfit!”

A more comical take on fashion can be seen with the senior trend of Disney backpacks. Puja Patel said, “If it’s a joke, then I think it’s pretty silly but also fascinating how the guys are the only one’s wearing it!”. Fashion is ultimately about not taking yourself too seriously, and this fad truly embraces that mindset.

Whether rocking the grunge-inspired choker necklace, or the bright and preppy look, Hills West students are not afraid to show their true colors through their fashion sense. Never be afraid to try something new because style is about what you want to wear, not what other people want you to wear.