February 24, 2024

The play Bye Bye Birdie took center stage at the Dr. James J. LoFrese Auditorium at Half Hollow Hills High School West.  The play premiered at West on March 30th and 31st, and its plot line is based in the fifties when Elvis was hot and poodle skirts were in style. The live pit band led by Mr. Foti started off the show with a two minute piece which was well composed.  The pit band was in tune throughout the entire show and added the right amount of suspense and drama.  The first two scenes of the play were a bit hard to understand, but by the third scene the confusion faded as the main story line was further explained. The props made by the stage crew were well-crafted. especially the high moving stage that was able to wheel away characters who stood upon it.

Speaking of characters, the audience truly appreciated all the dynamics that the various characters brought to the stage. The main role of Bye Bye Birdie was Albert Peterson played by Senior Ryan Mooney.   The other main character was Rose Alvarez, Albert’s love interest, played by Senior Suedeh Ranjibar.  Apart from skilled actors, this play had several comedians.  Mr. Harry MacAfee, played by Freshman Daniel Rudin, was hilarious and made the crowd laugh every time he spoke.  Albert Peterson’s mother, Mrs. Mae Paterson, was played by Senior Diane Knieste and when she stepped out on to stage, the audience burst into laughter at her over dramatic behavior.

Hills West’s rendition of Bye Bye Birdie was a definite crowd pleaser.  We can only await the next performance that the thespians at West will perform next!