June 7, 2023

How To Succeed in High School

Photo Credit: Dan Chinitz
Photo Credit: Dan Chinitz

I won’t lie; high school isn’t as glorious as it is in movies, but it certainly isn’t as brutal as it is usually portrayed either. For many of you, it will seem like a lifetime before you embark on your journey to college. However, everything you do from this point on is to prepare you for that next chapter of your life.

Stress is clearly inevitable in high school, especially in regards to maintaining a GPA that you are satisfied with. As for academics, choose classes that will challenge you but won’t overwhelm you. Also, often enough, we find ourselves furiously flipping through a textbook and gulping down gallons of coffee the night prior to an exam. The best advice I can give to anyone in high school is don’t procrastinate. Whatever distraction you have is not worth staying up until 3 am, or even worse, pulling an all-nighter, to finish studying.

In order to mitigate your stress, it is imperative to find the right group of friends. Remember to be open to making new friends and meeting new people, regardless of grade. Join clubs to meet new people with similar interests as you and give yourself a chance to get to know the person before you judge him/her. Be yourself because there is nothing worse than pretending to someone you know you are not.

As a senior, I can promise you that these 4 years will pass by quicker than you would expect. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it in my freshman year either, but senior year will arrive sooner than you expect.

These 4 years are the beginning to your future. However, they are also the last 4 years you will live at home, the last 4 years you will see the same faces everyday, the last 4 years you can call High School West your second home, and the last 4 years of this chapter of your life. So make these 4 years memorable by surrounding yourself with people who you love, both close friends and family.