December 7, 2023
12.12.12. Concert

On December 12, 2012, at Madison Square Garden, a wide variety of entertainers and musicians came together to raise money for a Hurricane Sandy relief fund, The Robin Hood Relief Fund. Presented by Chase, rocker Bruce Springsteen started the concert with an array of songs such as “Wrecking Ball,” “My City of Ruins,” and a few vocals with Bon Jovi. Other performers were Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, The Who, and Pink Floyd. Not a fan of these old English bands? Rapper Kanye West and singer Alicia Keys were a part of the festivities too. Comedians Katie Holmes, Chris Rock, and Jon Stewart were at the Garden as well, uplifting the mood. 50 million dollars has already been distributed by The Robin Hood Foundation to victims of Sandy. The money has been collected from the ticket sales from the concert, merchandise, donations, auctions of varying memorabilia, and sponsorships. While having a fun and enjoying a great concert, an incredible amount of money has been raised to benefit the victims of Sandy.