April 22, 2024

Social media activism’s impact

Social media activism is something that influences society in positive and negative aspects. Social media activism’s definition is the fight for important issues that should have light shed upon them.

Social media activism is incredible as it broadcasts issues that one would know little about. Thus, it benefits the general population by educating them about the issue. Through education comes discussions about problems, which will allow for solutions to problems.

Despite the positives social media activism brings, it also spreads misinformation. Misinformation occurs when people repost issues without doing much research about the issue aside from utilizing social media. For instance, have you ever been very upset by an issue but only found your information from biased sources such as TikTok? If one only researches TikTok and other social media sites, one will be misinformed and therefore misinform others.

Additionally, social media makes it so that there are clear divisions between accounts. One account may lean a certain way politically, while the other may lean differently. Since social media causes clear divisions, society itself becomes divided, and individuals, as a result, suffer.

You should not be afraid to cross divisions in a world of divisions. Additionally, you should not be afraid to express your feelings, as your emotions and opinions are valid.