June 19, 2024

What Are The Consequence of School Shootings?

This is a memorial to the students that were killed in a school shooting.

School shootings are a big issue in schools and universities across America—the first school shootings date back to 1891. The debate about guns and their possession has been ongoing for decades, and the increase in school shootings is not helping the advocate side. School shooters are targeting more and more schools, more commonly high schools and elementary schools.

These school shootings harm students’ mental health and their view of the school. Personally, whenever a school shooting occurs, I am scared to go to school because of the possibility of hearing a gunshot or getting an announcement that we are in danger. While there are policies in place, and the police will come to stop the shooter, these methods have been mostly ineffective in the past as by the time the police arrived, students were already killed and injured. I go to school to receive proper education to be successful in life, not to be scared that a shooter will come into my school.

According to Cogent Social Sciences, the amount of school shootings raise every year, with 2015 having a record of 76 school shootings. These shootings cause students to be scared, and their mental health to deteriorate. The survivors experience survivor’s guilt, PTSD, depression, suicidal feelings, etc. Then there are the students that were killed or injured. People who are injured may face life-threatening injuries that may damage their future such as athletic kids. The students who die would have had bright futures ahead of them and could have made an impact on the world. The families of the kids shouldn’t have to experience losing their teenager or child to shootings in an environment that is supposed to be safe. 

Everyone feels differently about this topic, but I believe more action should be taken against school shootings to reduce the problems present from these incidents.