May 24, 2024

The movie Whiplash is a role model for Hollywood and the entire film industry. One of the most expertly crafted movies of the 2010s was made possible by the incredible collaboration between Damien Chazelle’s script and the fantastic acting of the two stars, Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. The writing is well-paced and compelling, at times unyielding and at other times gentle. The student vs. teacher narrative is not original, but it highlights the idea that aspirations have a dark, less glamorous side. Although not quite as extreme as this, situations and people like those in the movie do occur. The tension between Andrew (Neiman) and Fletcher (Simmons), which is exciting and suspenseful, as well as Andrew’s somewhat relatable and motivating drive and passion, are what make the story stand out.

Neiman (Left) and Fletcher (Right)

Furthermore, the story travels through the relationship between the protagonist and his father as well as the relationship between the main character and his partner, keeping the audience interested and logged into the story while imparting a number of lessons to them. An aspiring student’s ambitions are one of the elements of life that the director effectively manipulates to address how they affect his job, education, and also love. Lastly, the open-for-interpretation ending combined with Justin Hurwitz’s admirable jazz adds the final touch. Watching Damien Chazelle’s masterpiece is a must, and it has furthered the genre epitomized in his work, as well as his influences from movies like “The Prestige” (2006) and “Black Swan” (2010). This is a movie that everybody should watch at least once in their life.