June 19, 2024

HHH Robotics teams all qualifying for regionals

From January 14th to the 25th the HHH FTC Robotics teams, Rise, Invicta, and Vega competed in two qualifying tournaments. This season all 3 teams qualified for the Long Island Championships (regionals) , something that has never happened in the history of Half Hollow Hills. Another big milestone is how the HHH robotics team Rise 8109, was the first ever to win a qualifying tournament. 



Qual 1: 1st place Innovate Award, 2nd highest record score for a match in NY state (173 with Islandbots)

Qual 2: Winning Alliance, 1st place Think Award, 2nd place Innovate Award, 2nd place Motivate Award


Qual 1: 1st place Connect Award, 2nd place Motivate Award

Qual 2: 3rd place Inspire Award, 1st place Motivate Award, 3rd place Connect Award, 3rd place Think Award


Qual 1: 3rd place Inspire Award, 1st place Design Award

Qual 2: Semifinalist Alliance

The captains od each time discussed their feelings on how each of them felt about qualifying for the Long Island Championships. 

“I’m very proud to be able to show the Long Island that our team is one to be reckoned with. All the top 3 highest single match scores on long island so far are rise which is something I am very proud about.” – Alex Huang the co-captain of Rise 8109

“Competing and qualifying itself was a very exciting and surreal experience. I think especially this year, with all 3 teams qualified is significant due to the fact that this has never happened before. I believe that Half Hollow Hills swept the competition with the number of awards we won” Marie McKinney the captain of Invicta 8110