November 29, 2023

HSW Tri-M Thanksgiving Food Drive


The month of November is full of the joyous spirit of giving, and the students and faculty at High School West take an immense part in it every year. In conjunction with the Tri-M Music Honor Society, a collection of HSW music students in band, orchestra, and chorus, the FTC Robotics team as well as the French Club/Honor Society all participated in their annual Thanksgiving food drive. Composed of students of all grades, the honor society looks for musically gifted and passionate students who are willing to do community service for the benefit of our district and community. The club recently just had music performers play at a nursing home to help entertain the elderly, and they aim to do good for the community using music.

All clubs were given a decorated board in which students will be able to pick and choose which Thanksgiving items they would like to donate. Students who take part in this collective activity receive community service hours, which Tri-M advisor Mrs. Romeo feels that it is “their main motivation to partake in the food drive”.

Senior Arissa Zheng, who is president of the Tri-M Music Honor Society and also Secretary of the FTC Robotics Team discussed her role in the preparation of the event. Both she and Mrs. Romeo shared that the process is “relatively simple”, and Arissa Zheng even shared that she had fun making the decorated board with all the food drive items on it. After years of being a music teacher and running the Tri-M honor society, Mrs. Romeo shares that after hosting this drive for so long, planning it becomes effortless. After all the food is collected, the honor society dedicates a day to wrapping and decorating several baskets with the food, so that the families who receive it feel welcomed and appreciated.

Instead of the collected items being donated to a local charity of sorts, all the food and utensils are donated to the families of underprivileged students who attend High School West. Tri-M president Arissa Zheng who helped greatly in the facilitation of this event stated: “Instead of reaching out to an established charity, we’re just helping out the people in our own community”, making this drive even more special.

These students who do not have the privilege of eating a full Thanksgiving dinner receive products such as jello mix, nuts, coffee, canned foods, boxed dessert mixes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, plates, and utensils all from our close-knit HSW family. The school nurse, who aids in delivering the food to the students in need, takes great responsibility in assuring that those in our school are well-nourished and have a happy Thanksgiving!

The High School West family wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and we strongly urge everyone to practice gratitude and participate in the season of giving this holiday season.