October 1, 2023

HSW’s First-Ever Culture Day!

This Friday, May 20th, 2022, High School West is hosting its first-ever Culture Day! High School West is filled with students from various ethnic backgrounds, and as a way to promote our diversity, Culture Day was suggested. On Culture Day, students and staff are encouraged to express their heritage and roots by wearing their cultural clothing to school. 

The idea of Culture Day was proposed by High School West senior Hadeeqa Malik. Hadeeqa Malik is an outstanding member in our school community and began Culture Day to create an “opportunity for us to embrace the cultures of others.” The importance of culture cannot be demeaned because it is an immense part in the development of every individual and of society as a whole. “We all know the importance of expression and how that translates through our choice of clothing so often, so being able to rep your roots from a fashion perspective is a huge statement.” 

Culture Day is an incredible chance for the students and staff to celebrate their identity and heritage. High School West student, Aleeza Khattak explains how it is vital “that we accept each other and our identities because doing this allows us to become closer and more comfortable with one another.” Another enthusiastic member of the High School West student body, Zoya Malik believes that it is crucial that “everybody’s culture is celebrated, especially in a school with such beautiful diversity. If we don’t celebrate everyone’s culture, then it’ll never be recognized!”

For so many people, Culture Day is an opportunity to teach their peers about the diversity that exists within our community, and to connect with people who share the same culture. High School West teacher, Mrs. DiMartino feels that by using this opportunity, “we inevitably learn about the similarities and differences between our cultures”, unifying us all. Culture is a sense of belonging, and what better way to include everyone than by celebrating this connection especially after a year of remote learning where everyone was online and isolated.

I hope that all the students and staff of High School West will take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity, and participate in Culture Day this upcoming Friday, as well as attending Unity Fair the following Sunday.