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Everything You Need to Know About “Business Proposal”


Business Proposal has ended after 12 episodes! The Korean drama is based on the webtoon, and is streaming on Netflix. There’s only one season at the moment. Warning – spoilers ahead!

The story is about Hari Shin, a researcher at Go Food, and Tae-moo Kang, the new CEO. After Tae-moo returns to Korea, his grandfather keeps insisting that he dates and marries a rich woman. He sets up a blind date with Young-seo Jin, Hari’s best friend. Young-seo hates blind dates, and has sworn off arranged marriages. She enlists Hari’s help, offering to pay her. Hari accepts so she can cover her debt to a neighbor. They disguise her, and she goes. When she finds out the blind date is Tae-moo, she freaks out. After many attempts of trying to get him to not like “Young-seo,” she fails and fully rejects him. He finds out that she isn’t the real Young-seo, and threatens to sue if she doesn’t tell him who she is. Hari lies, claiming that she is Geum-hui Shin. They sign a contract that puts them into a fake relationship in order to please his grandfather. But can she keep her identity a secret?

Honestly, it made me laugh more than I thought it would. I assumed that it would be a serious drama, maybe even boring. It was the opposite! The mom, dad, and Young-seo were great characters. The show made me cry from laughter in the middle of the night. The plot was great, and the continuous joke of “Stay Strong Geum-hui!” at the most random moments was hilarious. I also like how there were themes of loyalty and miscommunication, things that are relatable to real life. I also loved the sense of respect between them. I do feel like the ending was a little rushed, but maybe we’ll get a season two! I also liked how it didn’t only focus on the two leads, but the second leads as well as side characters when it was needed. Overall, it was an 11/10. It went above and beyond all the standards for a great drama!